Decision Made.

My life did a couple little flips yesterday in terms of jobs but it has all been figured out! Yesterday I was contacted by a service in Labrador offering me a job in Goose Bay (which actually got changed to New Wes Valley NFLD). I spoke with them on the phone this morning and worked out all the details of the job out there. After comparing both jobs side by side I’ve decided I’ll be sticking with Inuvik. It will make more sense financially in the long run. Although the position in New Wes Valley would put me much closer to my maternal grandparents, who I don’t get to see as much as I’d like, it would end up costing me much more to live there. So that’s just the little blip in my life plan, for those who saw my indecisive Facebook status yesterday. It’s all worked out now! I guess I should start packing up sometime soon.

Hugs & kisses from afar (but not THAT far yet)




Oh yeah! Great news today, Canadian North (one of the airlines that flies in and out of Inuvik) offers discounts to medical professionals (because I am one of those now!! K, minor excitement freak out aside), on flights anywhere they fly! Hello vacations!!


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