Nala Wolfgang Julius

Welcome to the family Nala Wolfgang Julius, yeah my dog has an effing valiant name. Cuz she’s a majestic wolf lady. She weighs about 9lbs, and is the tiniest husky ever. But boy is she a handful. She’s super cuddly and I LOVE that, but I’m afraid she’s got some separation anxiety. She’s not a fan of the crate, but hopefully she’ll get there soon. Only a couple accidents in the house so far and she’s kind of afraid of going out the door… lots to work on. Someone express ship me some patience!!!


The second we met!Image


Snuggly right away!Image

She sits like a people!!Image

Hey bright eyes!Image

So cuteImage

no shortage of pictures of herImage



Puppies sleep in the weirdest positionImage

shifty eyesImage

sleepy cuddlesImage




Mellie teaching nala how to skypeImage


damn you’re cute


weird place to sleep there kid


Great Northern Arts Festival

Today my friend Katie and I went to walk around the Great Northern Arts Festival. Every summer performers, painters, carvers, jewelry makers and many other artists come to inuvik to showcase their talents. There’s a large gallery room where the finished pieces are on display. This stuff was really impressive! Boots, hats, carvings, jackets, paintings, jewelry, knives, everything! I looked like a total tourist walking through taking pictures of everything haha


Ice King on call heading to the festival


Purse + slippers


Boots boots boots


Snazzy jacket


more boots & slippers




Beautiful paintings




an “orb” made out of a hog gut


Massive whale  bone carving


another awesome carving




freaky, expensive little man


the most awesome things I saw, if I had $300 I would’ve bought one right there





more cool paintings


basket weaving


nesting bowls


another awesome painting i wish I could’ve bought


polar bear made out of rabbit fur (so soft!!)


freaky little owl things (I think they were made out of seal)


the carving village


watching some carvings


more carving really cool to watch.


It was a fun day at the festival, I have yet to check out any of the performances at night but I’ll definitely do that in the next few days. Here’s the link to the Great Northern Arts Festival’s website if you want to read any more about it. It’s a pretty cool gathering of people & cultures.

That’s all for now!!

Hugs & Kisses (on call!)



Community Greenhouse

The other day Jordan brought me out to check out the Inuvik Community Greenhouse. The most Northern greenhouse in North America!It used to be a hockey arena but instead of tearing it down they converted it into a greenhouse. They changed the roof and put a roof on that lets the sun through (all 24 hours of it) and thanks to this the plants thrive and the plots grow more produce in a shorter time than gardens or greenhouses down south. Each plot is about 4’x10′ there are private plots for residents and some for charity like diabetes association and the youth centre.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while there, sorry they’re crappy quality they were just taken with my iPhone.Image

The front of the greenhouse, featuring our ambulanceImage

Jordan’s broccoliImage

A little visitor, so flippin cute.Image

Jordan made me do it.ImageInside the greenhouse


Here’s a link to the greenhouse’s website!



xoxo Laura


The excellent adventure up!

Here’s a few photos from Ottawa –> to –> Inuvik! It was totally painless travel, thank god because I don’t think my nerves could have handled any hiccups in that plan! I was kind of on edge or as my family would say “my bitch button was pressed”. But it all went very well and I arrived safely and on time.

Enojy the pics!



I’m not one to read horoscopes but this one’s shockingly accurate (libra)!Image

Bye Bye Ottawa!!Image

Ice King’s buckled in! (In other words, I had the row to myself)Image

Air Canada chicken wraps ain’t half badImage

Hello, Edmonton!Image

All the luggage made it to Edmonton! Hurray! Ice King’s not happy about having to lug it all to the storage room thoughImage

Time for bed at the Days InnImage

Where do I sleep?!?Image

Got our “I’m new to Inuvik please accept these as a peace offering” timbits! (The Edmonton airport was the last place before Inuvik that you can get timmies without venturing out of the airport)Image

Damn Edmonton you’s flat!Image

Oh look! Yellowknife!Image

little town!Image

Yellowknife airportImage

Standing on my future home on the big arctic circle map on the floor of the Yellowknife airportImage

Sick set up (a big mellie & a little mellie [my siblings will understand that one])Image

i wasn’t the only one on the timmies trainImage

first air roast beef sandwich! They feed you pretty well on first air (i also got breakfast!)Image

narsty coloured water in NWT!!Image

Norman Wells airportImage

Our plane!Image

View from the Norman Wells terminalImage

Back on the plane!!Image

Bye Norman Wells!Image

So many puddles. huge puddles.Image

looks like we’ve arrived in Inuvik!Image

Inuvik airport!Imagedriving into town… that’s the hospital! So colourful!

So that’s all the pictures from the journey up! I’m on call for the next 8 days (holy overtime) so I’ll post little things here or there, then when I finally have a day or two off I’ll go take some pictures of the town!! It’s actually pretty cool here. I’ve already met some really awesome people and couldn’t ask for a better partner for work! So far I’m having a blast! My partner (Jordan) has been really great showing me the town, introducing me to people & making me feel right at home. And of course, we went to one of the local watering holes and got shamefully drunk, it was our last night off together for a long time, what else were we supposed to do?!

Well that’s all for tonight!! Time to put the sleep mask on and cuddle by the space heater (my house is freezing today!!)

Hugs & kisses from afar




Hello internet!

Yay! I’ve finally got an internet hook up! Unfortunately it’s wired but that’ll do for now, until I move into my permanent home (right next door)! Can’t wait to update the blog and finally post some photos! This will be a quick post since I’m heading over to my partner’s place for some dinner!!


All bundled up today ‘cuz it’s pretty chilly here! This weather is so up and down! Good thing I’ve got lots of knits things from Mom!! ❤

Hugs & kisses from afar



Made it!

I’ve made it safely to the arctic! This will be a short post since I’m making it on my phone because I currently don’t have Internet figured out. I’m not in MY house yet since the girl I’m replacing is still here until the 10th and I’ll be moving into her house then. So I’m currently in the house right next to my house and I’ll be living out of my suitcases for the next few days. The town is really quite nice but I’ll go into more detail once I get into my actual house and get the Internet figure out on my laptop!
That’s all for now, time to dig out my running shoes and do a makeshift workout!

Hugs & kisses from afar!


Just outside my house at 10pm!