Last Weekend in Ottawa!

Alas my final weekend in Ottawa came and went. And what an awesome weekend it was. Partied with great friends, did some white water rafting and lots of much needed relaxation!

Much love goes out to my wonderful river family who took me in and showed me the epicness that is the Ottawa Valley & white water kayaking. Classy bunch of homies and I’ll miss each one of you so much!! 

ImageTeam Fablice rockin gorbie gear on minibus island.


My best friend in the universe got me a water bottle with US on it!!! and a mug with a bunch of pictures of us too!! Needless to say the bottle and mug were christened with deliciousness shortly after I received them.Image

Playing a good game of beersby.Image

Looks like they might have won


Haly showing off soccer skills… I was surprised!Image

Liz loves the cotImage

The most epic water bottle ever!Image

I’m gonna miss this lady most of all. Best friend anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for making my last weekend in town epic!!Image

Like dancing out Sheila’s sunroof 


Then we had to trunk it to Portage.ImagePeople aren’t usually this happy to be in the trunk!




Sparkler fun at Wilderness Tours on Canada DayImage

Fireworks off the bungee crane


All in all a great last weekend in town! Getting more and more excited to move but equally terrified!! We’ll see what the next couple days brings!


I’m off to my going-away party shenanigans now!! Second last night in town, should be a good one!!


Hugs & Kisses,





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