Pack city b*tch pack, pack city b*tch. (to the tune of “rack city” by tyga) lol. Last full day in town! Spent shoving vacuum packed bags into suitcases. It’s really hard to fit your whole life (for a year) in 3 suit cases and a carry on! The 50lbs per bag limit comes and goes very fast! A queen size duvet squishes down to nothing but weighs about 5lbs. My packing has taken over the house pretty much but it’ll all be gone tomorrow!! Ahh so exciting!!ImageImage

Moving to the arctic is the perfect plan for someone with a hat obsession of my degree! (this is only SOME of them)Image


Mellie keeping a watchful eye on the dangerous grate as we pack.ImageSo. Many. Bags. (I bought the most obnoxiously patterned ones, really what else would you expect from ME!?)


I had to tell her to look sad, silly Momo. (note all the hand warmers being packed!)


Time to get back to fighting with suitcase zippers!














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