Good bye, home!

I survived the first leg of my journey! Ottawa to Edmonton. Landed in Edmonton last night around 9:30 (Mountain Standard Time) so 11:30 home time. I was drained by the end of the flight.

Leaving home was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. Hugged Mellie for the last time and just LOST IT!! Won’t get to squish my baby for a year!! Damn!! But I knew the waterworks were definitely not done there, planning to meet Liz at the airport, knew that wouldn’t go over well. Had no problems with my massive luggage and actually managed to avoid the excess and overweight baggage fees! Met Liz just outside security, it was like the movies, I was running late and had to go in, but you could’ve lit a fire under my ass and I was NOT moving ’til I said bye to her. She came running down the escalator and we hugged like we’ve never hugged before! Had a good cry, said we loved each other and then I had to go. Said bye to mom, who was teary eyed, Stooph, who was teary eyed, and dad, who was stone faced. Thanks old man!! Walking in the security wall I must’ve looked like a fool, standing alone blubbering like an idiot! And if you know me, crying is not my thing, whatsoever. Image

The usual “going somewhere” shot.. a little more red-eyed than usual.Image

Safety firstImage

Best friends bracelet with Liz. Never taking this thing off bro.

Bye Ottawa!!Image

Ice king liked the $8.00 chicken wrap, don’t be fooled by his ever-angry face.


Hello Edmonton!!


Holy luggage Ice King!!

Flight was alright, pretty bumpy but I find that stuff fun! Watched a movie and some Big Bang Theory to distract myself. Unfortunately my bags weren’t checked all the way through so I had to get all 170lbs of them off the carousel and figure out what to do. Thankfully I found the baggage storage place pretty quickly and was able to store my massive bags there overnight! I was NOT looking forward to having to lug those to and from the hotel. Hopped on the shuttle, checked in, showered and PASSED OUT! Woke up this morning a million times before my alarm went off so I’m a little sleepy right now.

Only issue at the airport this morning was that I had to check one of my carry ons from Ottawa so I have 4 pieces of checked luggage, they can only guarantee that 2 will get there today (ahh!!) hopefully the flight isn’t too full and my other 2 pieces can get on! I’ll be watching them load the luggage closely from the window. I picked 2 random bags to be “priority” so who knows what I’ll have when I get up there (hopefully the one with the jar of peanut butter in it). Got a box of 40 timbits before my flight, apparently it’s good to bring a box of timbits into inuvik since the closest Tim Horton’s is a plane ride away. I’d like to start this year off on a good foot!

So now I sit at the Edmonton airport awaiting my flight… they just gave the 5 minute warning! So I should wrap this up I guess!

Me, Ice King (thanks Steph), and our box of 40 timbits are on our way to Inuvik! First stop today is Yellowknife!

Hugs & kisses from afar! & KCCO





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