Community Greenhouse

The other day Jordan brought me out to check out the Inuvik Community Greenhouse. The most Northern greenhouse in North America!It used to be a hockey arena but instead of tearing it down they converted it into a greenhouse. They changed the roof and put a roof on that lets the sun through (all 24 hours of it) and thanks to this the plants thrive and the plots grow more produce in a shorter time than gardens or greenhouses down south. Each plot is about 4’x10′ there are private plots for residents and some for charity like diabetes association and the youth centre.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while there, sorry they’re crappy quality they were just taken with my iPhone.Image

The front of the greenhouse, featuring our ambulanceImage

Jordan’s broccoliImage

A little visitor, so flippin cute.Image

Jordan made me do it.ImageInside the greenhouse


Here’s a link to the greenhouse’s website!



xoxo Laura



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