Nala Wolfgang Julius

Welcome to the family Nala Wolfgang Julius, yeah my dog has an effing valiant name. Cuz she’s a majestic wolf lady. She weighs about 9lbs, and is the tiniest husky ever. But boy is she a handful. She’s super cuddly and I LOVE that, but I’m afraid she’s got some separation anxiety. She’s not a fan of the crate, but hopefully she’ll get there soon. Only a couple accidents in the house so far and she’s kind of afraid of going out the door… lots to work on. Someone express ship me some patience!!!


The second we met!Image


Snuggly right away!Image

She sits like a people!!Image

Hey bright eyes!Image

So cuteImage

no shortage of pictures of herImage



Puppies sleep in the weirdest positionImage

shifty eyesImage

sleepy cuddlesImage




Mellie teaching nala how to skypeImage


damn you’re cute


weird place to sleep there kid



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