Sky over the village

Some pictures of the sky and moon over inuvik tonight. So pretty. As lame as it sounds the sky up here always looks like a painting. No matter the weather. Yeah, I’m deep. And I may be sleep deprived from my 22 day shift but I swear you can see the world’s curve up here.
Again, crappy pictures since all I have is my iPhone. But they’re better than nothing! Enjoy a glimpse of my view tonight. 20130828-000531.jpg20130828-000537.jpg20130828-000543.jpg20130828-000549.jpg20130828-000554.jpg20130828-000611.jpg

Hugs & kisses from afar


End of the Road music festival day 2

The second day of the End of the Road Music Festival was equally entertaining as the first. A couple local bands played and then the Inuvik drum dancers performed. I had been waiting to see a show like this since I got here. Very impressive! What I found most interesting was that the group consisted of multiple generations. It was cool to see kids right down to about 2 years old involved in the traditional dancing and drumming. I’ll post the pictures I have now but have to wait ages for videos to upload to youtube so I can post the link on here!


Local group “mumford and friends” Bob Mumford and a few friends from town, including Ruth on harmonica (an acute care nurse at the hospital here) And Jayden on guitar (med student)Image

The group of drummers and dancers introducing themselves.


Doing a “warm up” dance


the crowd joined inย ImageImageThe comedy team pickin/hitting on one of the dancers

It was a pretty awesome afternoon, I wish the pictures were better (I wish my camera hadn’t been stolen). Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon and be able to post better pictures!

Well that’s all for now! ๐Ÿ™‚


Edit: Here’s the youtube link to a clip of some drum dancing!

Hugs & Kisses from afar



Sexy breakfast

Brittney, Devon, Jayden and I decided to have a big family breakfast this morning (actually at 13:00 because we’re so lazy). Pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, BACON and fruit. Yum!

Pancakes and bacon ahoy!

Tea for the ladies while we cook

While the boys watch cartoons lol

Yum yum

Breakfast fam jam

Then the boys cleaned!!

And now brittney and I are chillin in the couch-fort watching cartoons.


Hugs & kisses from afar

End of the road music festival day 1

Last night was the start of the End of The Road Music Festival, a yearly gathering of artists and they put on shows and have BBQ’s and there’s a talent show! So that’s what happened last night, a pretty entertaining talent show showcasing local artists. A good friend of mine, a medical student in town, was voluntold to play guitar/sing in the show… very impressive (he won 3rd place!). So here’s a few shots of the night, and if I can figure out how to upload videos I’ll post some of those too!Image

Captain drummer from the enterprise. We all agreed he looked like a star trek character.Image

Louie Goose and the big river bandImage

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Suzie, comedic act, very funny actually!ImageImageImage

First act of the talent show, guy from Inuvik originally from Pembroke! Ontario represent!Image

There’s Jayden!! Singin’ an awesome newfie song!!ย ImageCoolest story from these guy! FDL Band, They’re a group of friends travelling around in a van, originally from Israel, and they ended up in Inuvik a few days ago and saw there was going to be a talent show and signed up for shits & giggles. They sang hey Jude and got the whole room singing and clapping along! So fun and an awesome story for them to take away from their adventure to Inuvik! And to top it all off they won 2nd place in the talent show and walked away with $300! Enjoy boys!

It was a very fun night! Can’t wait to see what happens over the next couple days.

Finally got a video to upload to youtube!! Hopefully the link works! Here’s a clip of Jayden singing “ferryland sealer” by great big sea (favourite band! Good choice Jayden =P)

and here’s the clip of FDL band singing hey jude

Hugs & Kisses from afar



Grocery run!

Hopefully this works since I’m writing it on my phone using 3G since my house wifi is all out of whack.

So here’s another post about groceries in the north! Since I’m finally in my permanent home I did a big grocery run today! So here’s what I got and what it cost me … Surprisingly not as much as I though it would be.


Grated parmesan (only kind I could find in the town!) $10.59
Bread $2.75
Celery $1.75
6 eggs $3.35
1/2 & 1/2 cream $3.35
Cream cheese $6.29 (it sucks that I love cream cheese so much!)
Big brick of cheddar $14.29 (and that’s on sale!)
And I got a few chocolate bars that aren’t in the pic for $5

This one all came to $56.17 at northmart. It’s pretty much the Walmart of the north. It’s got everything from furniture to food. So sometimes things are marked up a bit there.


Strawberries (on sale!!) $7.93 for 2 lbs
Raspberries (faaaavourite! Also on sale) $7.48
Sweet potatoes (3 decent size ones) $8.21
Russet potatoes (4) $2.98
3 bell peppers $5.99
5 apples $5.83
Red onion $1.40
Peas $3.69
Large broccoli $3.99
1.36kg margarine $11.99
10kg white flour $19.99 (baking ahoy!!)
4kg sugar $14.99 (ouch)
2L milk $5.99
Minute rice $10.69
1L juice $4.19
6 cans of tuna $18.89
2.5L white vinegar $7.69
Toilet paper 13.99

This is the BIG run from Stanton’s it’s the wholesale place (like a little costco) here in town. They’ve usually got the best prices for almost everything. This whole run cost $157.17. Much less than I was expecting when I was shopping.

Boom! Groceries. I know you’re as excited as I am.

Hugs & kisses from afar!

Crappiest day in inuvik

So for those of you who aren’t on the facebook(I love saying it like an old person lol “the Facebook”) : A) what are you doing with yourselves? And B) here’s what happened to me yesterday …

I got a call for an intoxicated fall so I got up from my lovely meal with a friend, quickly paid my bill and left to do the call. After being cussed out and irritated to my wits end by patient and family I got home (only having been gone about an hour and 15 minutes) to find my laptop + charger, iPhone 5 charger, DVD player and digital camera gone. Great. Just what I needed.

Someone had kicked in the back door of my house far enough to be able to reach their hand in and slip the chain across the lock thing.

So I swiftly called the RCMP and my boss and they were both at my house in minutes. After telling them what happened and what was missing they both said “we’re pretty sure we know who did this have are 99% sure we know where your stuff will end up” to which I said “awesome sauce, can I rough up the guy” they wished they could let me do it.

So the boss-man and the RCMP officer left to go where they’d figure my things would be and sure enough about 20 minutes later my phone goes off and it’s the boss-man saying “is your laptop missing a key?” I said “yup!” He said “we’ve got the guy and he’s been arrested” HUZZAH! Justice bitches.

FUN FACT: the low life individual who thought it would be a good idea to steal from one of the TWO life savers in the village was one of the geniuses who renovated my house over the past month. So he knew the ins and outs of my doors and when I would be gone. Awesome.

Everyone in this town knows these red houses are where the paramedics live. We aren’t the bad guys, we don’t arrest people, we help. And while I was out helping someone (on my 21 days shift which I’m already pretty tired of I might add) someone has the audacity to break into my place and take my things.

It sickens me to think of the lack of respect people in this town have for other people and their things. I could go on for pages about this topic but I’ll just leave it at that.

This story does have a moderately happy ending. The RCMP officer who attended my call came by shortly after and said he had my things and just needed to take pictures of them for evidence and I’d get them back shortly. The boss-man also called and said new deadbolts would be installed on my doors (and that happened within minutes as well). The jerk who stole from me has been arrested and is in jail. But sadly he won’t be there for long. But oh well, he had some time to sit in cells and think about what he did (and surely he feels zero guilt).

So last night was a rough night. I have 3 locks on my front door and 2 on the back and I still didn’t fall asleep until 07:30. And only would sleep for about 20 minutes at a time before I was jolted awake by any little sound. It sucked. Not only did this quality creature take my laptop and camera blah blah blah but he took my sense of security. Thanks jerk, I had been sleeping like a baby til last night!! Ya dumb ass hat.

Anyhoo, this is just something I’ll add to the growing list of “things that happened that year I lived in the North Pole”.

Life’s one effed up adventure and I’m just along for the ride. Hang on tight bitches cuz it just got bumpy.

Hugs & Kisses from afar

BBQ & Bonfire

This Sunday there was a BBQ, bonfire and swimming down at Shell Lake at the North Write Airways property. I was on call the whole time so I couldn’t enjoy a refreshing brew under the hot arctic sun but everyone was really great and went out of their way to bring me non-alcoholic beverages all night :)! The people I’ve met here are great! We had a massive bonfire, burning shipping pallets, chairs, mattresses, basically anything we threw in. It was great once the sun set the tiny bit that it does this time of year and it got slightly chillier. The North Wright Airways property has a dock that was great to swim off of, so I grabbed a bathing suit, kept my radio close on shore and jumped in! Quite chilly but so fun! The water’s not the clearest and you don’t really wanna look down at your legs when you’re in the water (you can’t really see them =S) but it was still tons of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ So now I can cross off “swim in Shell Lake” off my list of things to do here!




Smashing a lightbulb before it explodes (see at the bottom of the fire)Image

No more light bulb!Image

More pallets!!ImageImageImage

Swim time!Image

Max & The mega knife vs a limeImageImage

mattress burning timeImageImageImageImage

and that’s how house fires go crazy!ImageImage

no more mattressImage


classic “hover hand”Image

Max & nathanImage

Nathan enjoying the fireImage

Nathan the beloved Cat decorationImage

Howdy nathanImage

More logs!Image

Trying desperately to blow up that balloonImage

Kerosene on the fireImage

The balloon that wouldn’t explodeImage

Bye balloon?

It was a really fun night at the lake, and I only got one call (a man called about a fish hook in his thumb) but didn’t end up responding because he decided to drive himself in. So an easy night spent with friends, food, and fire!!

Hugs & Kisses from afar