I said I’d be posting grocery bills and such to show you all how much stuff really costs up here. So here’s a few pictures of my groceries and a rough estimate of what they run me!


the first grocery run I did… apples, russet potatoes, 2 onions, 6 cans of tuna, mayo, becel, 3 cans of beef broth, 1L grapefruit juice, dish soap, olive oil, crystal light & a bottle of pepsi cost me about $70



This all run me about $60 (the block of cheese was $16.99! [and that was on sale!])




Today’s quick run! 1lb of blueberries, 1lb of green & red grapes, gnocchi, big head of cauliflower, 1kg of pasta, 1kg chocolate chips, crackers, alfredo sauce, sweet potatoes, crystal light, and a whole lot of rice krispies! Cost around $70


Gotta wait until my pay gets squared away and I’ll be able to go buy flour, sugars and other baking needs so I can start baking up a storm!


Hugs & kisses from afar!




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