BBQ & Bonfire

This Sunday there was a BBQ, bonfire and swimming down at Shell Lake at the North Write Airways property. I was on call the whole time so I couldn’t enjoy a refreshing brew under the hot arctic sun but everyone was really great and went out of their way to bring me non-alcoholic beverages all night :)! The people I’ve met here are great! We had a massive bonfire, burning shipping pallets, chairs, mattresses, basically anything we threw in. It was great once the sun set the tiny bit that it does this time of year and it got slightly chillier. The North Wright Airways property has a dock that was great to swim off of, so I grabbed a bathing suit, kept my radio close on shore and jumped in! Quite chilly but so fun! The water’s not the clearest and you don’t really wanna look down at your legs when you’re in the water (you can’t really see them =S) but it was still tons of fun! 🙂 So now I can cross off “swim in Shell Lake” off my list of things to do here!




Smashing a lightbulb before it explodes (see at the bottom of the fire)Image

No more light bulb!Image

More pallets!!ImageImageImage

Swim time!Image

Max & The mega knife vs a limeImageImage

mattress burning timeImageImageImageImage

and that’s how house fires go crazy!ImageImage

no more mattressImage


classic “hover hand”Image

Max & nathanImage

Nathan enjoying the fireImage

Nathan the beloved Cat decorationImage

Howdy nathanImage

More logs!Image

Trying desperately to blow up that balloonImage

Kerosene on the fireImage

The balloon that wouldn’t explodeImage

Bye balloon?

It was a really fun night at the lake, and I only got one call (a man called about a fish hook in his thumb) but didn’t end up responding because he decided to drive himself in. So an easy night spent with friends, food, and fire!!

Hugs & Kisses from afar




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