Grocery run!

Hopefully this works since I’m writing it on my phone using 3G since my house wifi is all out of whack.

So here’s another post about groceries in the north! Since I’m finally in my permanent home I did a big grocery run today! So here’s what I got and what it cost me … Surprisingly not as much as I though it would be.


Grated parmesan (only kind I could find in the town!) $10.59
Bread $2.75
Celery $1.75
6 eggs $3.35
1/2 & 1/2 cream $3.35
Cream cheese $6.29 (it sucks that I love cream cheese so much!)
Big brick of cheddar $14.29 (and that’s on sale!)
And I got a few chocolate bars that aren’t in the pic for $5

This one all came to $56.17 at northmart. It’s pretty much the Walmart of the north. It’s got everything from furniture to food. So sometimes things are marked up a bit there.


Strawberries (on sale!!) $7.93 for 2 lbs
Raspberries (faaaavourite! Also on sale) $7.48
Sweet potatoes (3 decent size ones) $8.21
Russet potatoes (4) $2.98
3 bell peppers $5.99
5 apples $5.83
Red onion $1.40
Peas $3.69
Large broccoli $3.99
1.36kg margarine $11.99
10kg white flour $19.99 (baking ahoy!!)
4kg sugar $14.99 (ouch)
2L milk $5.99
Minute rice $10.69
1L juice $4.19
6 cans of tuna $18.89
2.5L white vinegar $7.69
Toilet paper 13.99

This is the BIG run from Stanton’s it’s the wholesale place (like a little costco) here in town. They’ve usually got the best prices for almost everything. This whole run cost $157.17. Much less than I was expecting when I was shopping.

Boom! Groceries. I know you’re as excited as I am.

Hugs & kisses from afar!


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