End of the road music festival day 1

Last night was the start of the End of The Road Music Festival, a yearly gathering of artists and they put on shows and have BBQ’s and there’s a talent show! So that’s what happened last night, a pretty entertaining talent show showcasing local artists. A good friend of mine, a medical student in town, was voluntold to play guitar/sing in the show… very impressive (he won 3rd place!). So here’s a few shots of the night, and if I can figure out how to upload videos I’ll post some of those too!Image

Captain drummer from the enterprise. We all agreed he looked like a star trek character.Image

Louie Goose and the big river bandImage

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Suzie, comedic act, very funny actually!ImageImageImage

First act of the talent show, guy from Inuvik originally from Pembroke! Ontario represent!Image

There’s Jayden!! Singin’ an awesome newfie song!! ImageCoolest story from these guy! FDL Band, They’re a group of friends travelling around in a van, originally from Israel, and they ended up in Inuvik a few days ago and saw there was going to be a talent show and signed up for shits & giggles. They sang hey Jude and got the whole room singing and clapping along! So fun and an awesome story for them to take away from their adventure to Inuvik! And to top it all off they won 2nd place in the talent show and walked away with $300! Enjoy boys!

It was a very fun night! Can’t wait to see what happens over the next couple days.

Finally got a video to upload to youtube!! Hopefully the link works! Here’s a clip of Jayden singing “ferryland sealer” by great big sea (favourite band! Good choice Jayden =P)


and here’s the clip of FDL band singing hey jude


Hugs & Kisses from afar




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