End of the Road music festival day 2

The second day of the End of the Road Music Festival was equally entertaining as the first. A couple local bands played and then the Inuvik drum dancers performed. I had been waiting to see a show like this since I got here. Very impressive! What I found most interesting was that the group consisted of multiple generations. It was cool to see kids right down to about 2 years old involved in the traditional dancing and drumming. I’ll post the pictures I have now but have to wait ages for videos to upload to youtube so I can post the link on here!


Local group “mumford and friends” Bob Mumford and a few friends from town, including Ruth on harmonica (an acute care nurse at the hospital here) And Jayden on guitar (med student)Image

The group of drummers and dancers introducing themselves.


Doing a “warm up” dance


the crowd joined in ImageImageThe comedy team pickin/hitting on one of the dancers

It was a pretty awesome afternoon, I wish the pictures were better (I wish my camera hadn’t been stolen). Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon and be able to post better pictures!

Well that’s all for now! 🙂


Edit: Here’s the youtube link to a clip of some drum dancing!


Hugs & Kisses from afar




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