How a call goes..

Here’s a post to show all y’all how calls usually go for me, since most of my medic friends have been asking. Woohoo! story told with pictures! Here we go!Image This puppy goes off *beep beep beep beep beep*  “Inuvik ambulance” then the caller tells me the emergency and location. Or the airline tells me when the medevac is scheduled to land. (So I’m basically a dispatcher too lol)

ImageSo i throw on this bad boy of an outfit. (Hat changes all the time, obviously)ImageBooyah read my back bitches. Paramedic whaaaatImageEither I’ll hop in the rig and meet my boss (who is also my partner/the driver) at the scene. Or…ImageI sit in the passenger seat and wait for him to come to my place and we go together…ImageLike this! … Bam!!

**Arrive on scene, be awesome, head to hospital…**

ImageThe Inuvik Regional Hospital!ImageOur bay. Drop patient off, give report and we be’s gone!ImageAnd here’s what our forms look like, they’re modeled after Ontario’s ACRs (thank god!)

ImageThe second page of our forms.



So there’s how a call usually goes for me! Once I finish up my paperwork I hand the white page into the hospital and then the other copies stay in the truck and the boss man collects them at the end of the month. Then I head back home and get right back in bed or go back to watching TV! I love my job 🙂


Hugs & Kisses from afar




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