22nd Birthday!

Aloha (get ready to hear a lot of that because I’m going to Hawaii in 192 days)!!!!

So today (well I guess technically yesterday now) was my 22nd birthday! Go me! I survived that long, mad props go out to mom & dad for rockin’ the first while, keeping me alive & whatnot. So I started my day by listening to Taylor Swift’s “22” … insanely appropriate! Then my partner and another medic in town, Chris, and I went to Tonimoes for a birthday lunch, big thanks to Jordan for covering that :). Then I had a beautifully lazy afternoon FaceTiming with the fam jam and what not. THEN Jordan made an amazing dinner of the greatest sandwich ever… BLT (without tomatoes). But the best part of this birthday was the AMAZING northern lights and I FINALLY am learning how to get pics of them with my SLR… it’s a work in progress so just sit tight, they’ll get better. Promise!

Imageyum yum cider

Image Cards on my “mantle”

Image Tiff & Leeann

Image junk food!

Image Katie & I

Image Insanely delicious sandwich!!

Now get ready to have your mind blown…. are you sitting? You should be. Go… find a chair.


Welcome to my life.

Majestic Birthday achieved.

AND tomorrow I get Paisley for a month!! Can’t wait!!

Hugs & Kisses from afar




One thought on “22nd Birthday!

  1. WAIT!!!!! you missed your amazing birthday phone call from British Columbia and had Brittney and Cindy sing you THE best happy Birthday song EVER!!!! love the pics….. now you are in your 23rd year 😉
    Cin xox

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