The Sawmill

Jordan, Juan and I spent a good chunk of the morning/afternoon blocking and splitting a HUGE pile of wood for a friend here in town. I took Paisley (the husky mix I’m puppysitting) with us because Moe has 2 golden retrievers that I thought would be good for Paisley to socialize with :). So, Paisley was being an arctic dog today, running around leashless, playing/drinking in the river, wrestling with Moe’s pups. She could barely stand up by the time we were ready to leave. She was unconscious before we got to the end of Moe’s driveway haha poor kid has never had THAT MUCH exercise! ImageFillin’ up the oil!

Image Bailey and Paisley

Image Gas time!Image The view from Moe’s place

Image Hey cutie!

Image Paisley picking at Bailey

Image Gentlemen, start your engines!

Image Paisley’s not sure what to make of the chain


ImageImage The pile of wood we had to tackleImageBailey!

Image My turn!!

ImageImage Oh crap here we go!

Image Jordo showing me how to “rock it”Image Booyah!! Chainsawing in lulus bitches!

ImageImage Thanks for having faith in me Panda 😛Image Starting it … attempt #1

Image fail.

Image attempt #2

Image Also a fail lolImage Paisley!!

Image Sharing a puddle with Siera

Image The boys workin’Image Hello Yoda (Britt this is the pic I was talking about!)ImageImageImageImageImage What are this?Image The fashionable side of lumberjacking

Image Puppy butts

Image Learnin how to axe!

Image “tree climbing” .. inuvik friends will get it.

Image here i go!


I actually split it on that swing! (Took a few tries)

Today was insanely fun! Can’t wait to cut up some more stuff haha. But my arms are a little less excited (currently can’t even bend my left arm up!) it’s quite the work out (tough on the puppy too … paisley has yet to wake up). Now it’s time for another family pizza night !!

Hugs & kisses from afar


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