Inuvik Family Thanksgiving 2013

Jordan and I cooked a turkey and ham dinner for 20(ish) people last night. We started everything at 11am and people were in my house until about 1am. Oy. Unfortunately I was on call and only spent about 30 minutes at my house all night. Way too many medevacs and one town call. This is the last time I host a meal/party when I’m working. I hated not being home with all these people over (and the new puppy in the house). It kind of sucked because despite my pleads people still fed Paisley A TON of turkey and ham and all the sides which led to her getting quite sick later in the night. Poor puppy girl. From what I hear it was a great party and a successful meal. I snapped some pictures of the prep and some parts of the meal, but since I wasn’t home as of the moment the turkey came out of the oven there isn’t much after that. So here’s pictures of the very first thanksgiving I’ve thrown on my own ! ūüôā

Image Newfie dressing!! THE BEST

Image Panda prepping the goods for under the bird

Image¬†butter and white wine to baste the bird in… DELICIOUS

Image Veggies under the bird

Image The wine for basting

Image Paisley and Neeko cuddling, only lasted a couple seconds

Image¬†Pretty Neeko ūüôā

Image Stuffing Dylan (yeah Jordan named the turkey Dylan)

Image Yum!! 15lbs turkey!!


Image Packaged up and ready to cooooook

Image In he goes!! at noon

Image Paiz watching from the inside the front hall closet (her new favourite spot)

Image Basting time!

Image The 8lbs ham the dentists bought

Image There was going to be an apple pie but a lot of people were already bringing pies/deserts so we just had some nice apples (for me to take pictures of lol)

Image Yum!

Image Jill made me a pumpkin with a pole dancer carving!! amazing!!!

Image Everyone warming up/finishing up the side dishes they brought

Image Leeann on potato duty

Image Time for the foil to come off!

Image The boys and their matching aprons

Image Max is so cute with oven mitts lol

Image Jordan certainly loved it (people started drinking early, can you tell?)

Image Turkey massacre

Image The two new dental assistants in town (They got to inuvik just a few hours before dinner)

Image Big happy family 

Image Sleepy paisley hiding at the back door.

Image¬†There were jello shots… this is where the pictures end haha

All in all it was a successful Thanksgiving, I’m happy since it’s my first thanksgiving I’ve ever thrown! I just wish I wasn’t working and could have been home for it! From what I’ve been told everyone had a great time!

Hugs & Kisses from afar




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