I tried muktuk!

First off, the moon was amazing tonight, only snapped a couple pictures of it tonight but they  really don’t do it justice. We were just going to our friend Blythe’s place for dinner and I ended up trying muktuk! Bet my family would never expect that! Muktuk is whale skin & blubber. You can eat it raw or cooked. I tried it raw! Raw muktuk is actually IMPOSSIBLE to bite through… I’m not kidding. I bit has hard as I could and nothing happened lol. So you chew on it and swish it around and either swallow it or spit it out. I spat it out. It has a sort of salty taste I really don’t know how to describe the flavour of it haha. Very interesting. A cool thing for me to add to the list of “things I did that year I lived in the North Pole”. The muktuk was provided for us by our friends boyfriend who’s an Inuvialuit hunter.


Image Cooked muktuk. It is cooked by boiling

IMG_0622 Cutting the skin off the outside of the muktuk. Some people eat the skin but apparently it tastes chemically because of the junk in the water.


IMG_0626 Then it is cut into smaller pieces. Sometimes it gets diced. This is the raw stuff, it’s very pink.

IMG_0627 There’s the cooked stuff being cut. The cooked stuff you can actually bite through and chew.

IMG_0629 Leeann’s first muktuk! Trying the cooked first!

IMG_0634 Unsure haha

IMG_0636 Now time to try the raw!


IMG_0638 “Ouu I really can’t bite through it at all!”

IMG_0641 Inspecting the raw muktuk. It FEELS kind of like a gummy worm.

IMG_0642 Here we go!!

IMG_0643 So weird!! Can’t bite through it!

IMG_0644 Chewing as hard as I can hahah

IMG_0645 Trying to bite all the different parts of it haha it’s all so rubbery

IMG_0647 There, now I can say I’ve eaten muktuk!!


Big thanks to Ryan for letting us try it!! He LOVES the stuff, he puts a bit of salt on it and devours it haha. Apparently some people deep fry it too.

We had a really awesome dinner and Leeann and I learned a ton about hunting and different animals and their different tastes depending on where they’re from… it was awesome! Ryan made caribou stew and fried up some kidneys.. I ate a TINY piece of caribou in my stew, so small I couldn’t really tell you what it tasted like, not horrible since I didn’t spit it out haha but I stayed away from the kidneys, Leeann tried them and said they were similar to liver. Apparently Caribou kidneys are a delicacy!

So far my list from the north has:

– swimming in shell lake

– trying muktuk

– see the northern lights

– meet the fox that lives under my house


The list shall keep growing!!


Hugs & Kisses from afar




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