Big HEALTHY grocery run

Ouch. Healthy food is expensive. Since I’m going to Hawaii in 180 days I’ve gotta get bikini ready!! So, working out every day (once Paisley’s back with her mom) and healthy eating.. which is hard up here. Since when you buy fresh produce you have to eat it within a couple days because it doesn’t last long up here (since it’s already taken like a week to get here it’s that much less fresh) so you can’t buy too much at once. So here’s a big healthy grocery run! All this stuff is from Stanton (the costco-type store).


I see you’ve got your camera, shall I pose for you??


this all ran me $137.51…

here’s the breakdown:

3 sweet potatoes (1.435kg) : $9.31

284g baby spinach: $6.29

3 bell peppers: $5.99

1.195kg rutabaga: $5.27

Green onions: $0.99

1.4kg spaghetti squash: $7.69 (oy!!)

227g sugar snap peas: $3.69

5lb russet potatoes: $6.59

3 garlic bulbs: $1.89

1.09kg granny smith apples (6 apples): $6.20

english cucumber: $2.29

1.41kg grapefruits (4 grapefruit) : $5.48

1L grapefruit juice: $3.49

Iced tea mix: $6.99

3L cranberry juice: $16.99 (ouch!!!) sister said she paid $6.99 back in Ottawa

0.51kg lemons (4 lemons): $2.80

head of lettuce: $2.59

cream cheese: 2 @ $6.49 each

170g fresh raspberries: 2 @ $4.99 each

slivered almonds: $3.49 (on sale! woohoo!)

ranch dressing: $5.59

nacho cheese dip: $1.89

frozen pizza (for a cheat meal): $8.59


goodbye money! Hello Hawaii body (hopefully)


Hugs & Kisses from afar!




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