November 11th 2013



This morning I attended the Remembrance Day ceremony which was held at the East Three Secondary School here in Inuvik. It was put together by the Legion and a great group of volunteers. It was attended by about 100 people including veterans, current military, fire fighters, RCMP officers and quite a few civilians. It was a very tough day since it is the first Remembrance Day since the passing of my maternal Grandfather. Thankfully I had a good friend to hold me tight during the ceremony. I snapped quite a few pictures of the ceremony and a couple in the legion afterwards, but unfortunately my camera battery died shortly after getting to the legion.



My Grandfather, Honourable Colonel James Francis Molloy of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, was one of the most amazing men to walk this Earth. He passed away this August and is greatly missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of knowing him. He was very well known for his work with the Canadian Legion and his service in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Bamp, as he was called by his grandchildren, was one of those men who was full of stories, he always had some bit of history or an interesting fact about any of the wars and always had the time to sit down and talk or answer questions til he was blue in the face! He’s one of the smartest men I know and I am unbelievably proud to be his granddaughter. He is missed every day by his friends, family and dogs (arguably the most loved animals on the planet). In the words of one of his favourite singers:

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when -Vera Lynn

Rest In Peace Bamp, I love you




Image A somber morning heading into the high school for the ceremony (this is 10:20am by the way… still dark)

ImageImageImageImage memorial of fallen soldiers

ImageImageImageImage My hat made by my mom, out of wool from one of Bamp’s sweaters. I had it on my lap or in my hand the entire time. Happy to have Bamp sitting with me through the whole ceremony.

ImageImageImageImageImage Fire chief and legion head Jim Sawkins

Image starting to lay the wreaths at the cenotaph, first up is the legion

Image then the women’s auxiliary Image Department of National Defense

ImageImageImage Royal Canadian Mounted Police

ImageImage Town of Inuvik

ImageImageImage Army Cadets

Image East Three Elementary School

Image Girl guides of Canada

Image A couple sparks up with the girl guides

ImageImage Reading In Flanders FieldImageImage After the ceremony people put their poppies on the cenotaph. Mines right on the corner there.

ImageImageImage RCMP boysImage … and their kidsImageImage Image Inuvik Volunteer Fire Department

Image Myself wearing my Bamp hat by the cenotaph.

Image Headed to the Legion for food & drinks

Image our legion has polar bears outside

ImageImage full legion


Image felt like home with a prop clock

Image outside the Legion with my Bamp hat

The slogan (for lack of a better word) for this years ceremony was “Unknown but never forgotten”. We will never forget the sacrifices those have made for our freedom.

To all our soldiers, past and present, thank you.


Beginners Curling Clinic

A friend of mine, Natalka, invited me to a beginners curling clinic at the Inuvik curling club this evening. It was actually really fun! I had curled once when I was in Brownies when I was like 8 probably, don’t really remember much, I just remember that I did it haha. This one was just a little more intensive haha. Learned all the terms, how to slide properly, spin the rock and how scoring works! I’ll definitely be watching curling during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and I’ll actually know what’s going on!

Image Learning how to slide on our shoe that has Teflon on the bottom, VERY slippery! So basically one shoe is crazy slippery and the other grips. Unless you’re sweeping, then both shoes are grippy.

 ImageImage Learning to slide properly, way harder than they make it look on TV! People were falling all over the place lol, including me!Image Panda had a couple spills

Image The view from the “hacks” aka the foot blocks you push off of

Image Trying some slides off the hacks

Image Pros showing us how it’s done!

Image Some rocks. They’re made of 100% granite and weight 39-41lbs each.

Image This is called the “house”. the blue ring is 12 feet, white is 8 feet, red is 4 feet and the white centre is called the button.

Image And in the centre of the button is the “pin” They use this to measure from to see which stone’s closest to the centre

ImageImage natalka and I were winning, blue rocks woohoo!!

Image Inuvik’s stones donated by different companies throughout town.

Image 40lbs baby!

T’was a fun evening of curling and then pizza after!