Beginners Curling Clinic

A friend of mine, Natalka, invited me to a beginners curling clinic at the Inuvik curling club this evening. It was actually really fun! I had curled once when I was in Brownies when I was like 8 probably, don’t really remember much, I just remember that I did it haha. This one was just a little more intensive haha. Learned all the terms, how to slide properly, spin the rock and how scoring works! I’ll definitely be watching curling during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and I’ll actually know what’s going on!

Image Learning how to slide on our shoe that has Teflon on the bottom, VERY slippery! So basically one shoe is crazy slippery and the other grips. Unless you’re sweeping, then both shoes are grippy.

 ImageImage Learning to slide properly, way harder than they make it look on TV! People were falling all over the place lol, including me!Image Panda had a couple spills

Image The view from the “hacks” aka the foot blocks you push off of

Image Trying some slides off the hacks

Image Pros showing us how it’s done!

Image Some rocks. They’re made of 100% granite and weight 39-41lbs each.

Image This is called the “house”. the blue ring is 12 feet, white is 8 feet, red is 4 feet and the white centre is called the button.

Image And in the centre of the button is the “pin” They use this to measure from to see which stone’s closest to the centre

ImageImage natalka and I were winning, blue rocks woohoo!!

Image Inuvik’s stones donated by different companies throughout town.

Image 40lbs baby!

T’was a fun evening of curling and then pizza after! 


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