Ornament Faces over the years!


Thank you facebook!! I managed to find pictures of me doing the ornament thing all the way back to 2008, though I’m pretty sure I did it a few times before then.Image 2008Image 2008Image 2010Image 2010Image 2011Image 2011Image 2011

 Image 2012

Image 2012Image 2012, first year I had a nose piercing lol

Image 2013Image 2013, set a new record.


So there, I’ve been weird for at least 5 years! 


Hugs & Kisses from afar




Christmas 2013 … longest blog post ever.



Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, I haven’t really been up to anything exciting or blog-worthy lol. BUT Christmas… that’s totally blog-able. My family and I are very big on Christmas… like HUGE… so my first Christmas away from home was hard but thankfully we had FaceTime for Christmas morning so we were all still kind of “together” for the holidays. I was also lucky to be able to take a couple weeks off and go home just before Christmas!! Boy did I need the vacation. It was a great two weeks, I surprised my best friend (she cried and tackled me when she saw me), went out for many meals with friends and family, did my fair share of partying and spent a lot of time cuddling my puppy :). Luckily I was home to decorate the tree at my parents house, which is definitely one of my favourite traditions! When I came back to Inuvik some friends came over to decorate my tree in my house here on Christmas eve and then on Christmas day I spent the morning on FaceTime with the fam jam all over the country! Then Panda (ambulance partner) and I made a big turkey and ham dinner for everyone like we did for thanksgiving! Everyone brought sides or deserts then we had a relatively calm evening of board games and drinks (except for Panda and I, we’re both on call 24/7 for now). So here’s some pictures from when I was home and then back in Inuvik!! Enjoy!

1528624_10152096887182458_970336849_n First stop after I land, my favourite restaurant in Ottawa. Vittoria Trattoria! And I picked up the cheque. Mom and Dad were pumped about that!

1526541_10152096887252458_1864698420_n Mellie was VERY happy to see me… she licked my face for quite a few minutes, I don’t think she believed that I was really there.

1525274_10152096887592458_1684795374_n Went grocery shopping with mom and couldn’t believe how cheap cheese was!! Wish I didn’t have an overnight in Edmonton and could have brought some back with me!

1520827_10152096887402458_1419645343_n Off to pick our tree!

1521637_10152096887522458_2046222261_n Tree shopping with puppy!! In our Christmas digs

1476673_10152096887737458_902292743_n Another tradition, making chocolate balls with Daddio! Don’t worry, I’m not upset, I just have a weird face.

1005827_10152096887662458_651691337_n See? weird face. Fortunate enough to go to a Sens game with Mom and Dad… AND my wife/my best friend.

993542_10152096887337458_789176159_n Christmas shopping and “flunch” with Mom and sister. Flunch = free lunch.

946730_10152096889202458_1535892269_n Feeding my baby Cheetos before I leave. She loves her some cheetos.

581718_10152096889272458_2060370520_n Final picture with my tree and my baby before I head back north!!

539815_10152096889132458_493003531_n  One last meal before I leave… shawarmas!! Definitely have nothing like these up north!

So that sums up the pictures from Mom’s iPhone!!

So here’s the ones from my SLR and Dad’s!

IMG_0821 Beany was happy to see Auntie Laura!

IMG_0817 Yum Nuts’n’Bolts at Steph’s place

IMG_0816 “Auntie Laura, are you really back??”

IMG_0810 Making dairy free chocolate balls at Steph’s house. Silly Lactarded sister.

IMG_0806 Eating the “poo” off her hands. Your hands get pretty messy making chocolate balls, which is why I never do the rolling 🙂 I’m always the sprinkle girl.

 IMG_0804 Poo hands!

IMG_0801 Yum!!

IMG_0787 Sleepy puppy!

IMG_0786 Happy tongue-out monkey

 1528655_10152096888282458_1159560490_n Tree decorating night, the girls get matching shirts every year!

 1524849_10152096888997458_390162397_n I’m all about ease when transferring ornaments to the tree, why just use your hands? when you have a lot of piercings you can fill with icicles!! 

  1520620_10152096888467458_674297217_n This year’s special ornament.. I’M OFFICIALLY A PARAMEDIC!!

 1512710_10152096888342458_682275208_n The usual “lights on head” angelic shot

 1499477_10152096888867458_1460854077_n Sisters, we strange.

1497699_10152096888922458_1697333483_n Tradition!! I don’t even know how many years I’ve been doing this lol. If I can find all the pictures over various years I’ll post them!

1491743_10152096888132458_1081131027_n And I ALWAYS dance with the tree skirt on, been doing this since I was little and the tree skirt would hit the floor!

So THAT sums up my time spent at home!! ( I know this is a looooong post, but hey, I did a lot of stuff!)

So here’s pictures from when I got back to Inuvik, decorating my tree, Christmas morning with the family via FaceTime, and our big Christmas dinner!

IMG_0823 My stairs in Inuvik are decorated just like home


IMG_0827 Kari helping decorate


IMG_0828 Max enjoying some Psutka chip dip! It was a hit 🙂 Max ALWAYS has his eyes closed in pictures!!



IMG_0829 Decorated tree!! And yes, that’s the adventure time Ice King on top!


IMG_0830 My pickle ornament I brought back to Inuvik with me!

 IMG_0831 And mom got me an ambulance for my tree 🙂

IMG_0832 Another ornament from home

IMG_0849 The boys being idiots “hashtagging” my photo because they know I hate it!!


IMG_0850 So I yelled at them and made them take a nice one 🙂

IMG_0835 Panda opening one gift on Christmas eve… he’s very excited about the Windsor Salt I got him lol

IMG_0837 Natalka got me Christmas crackers! so we each opened one and wore our crowns and told our cheesy jokes lol

IMG_0839 See, Max’s eyes are pretty much closed.

IMG_0841 This is why we love him.

IMG_0844 Everyone loves Baileys!

IMG_0846 Hey look! Max’s eyes!!

IMG_0847 Even Neko gets a crown!

IMG_0862 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

IMG_0864 Stockings, “fire” (thank god I got satellite with a fireplace channel before Christmas), and the tree

IMG_0867 My stocking with “Lulu” on it. I crocheted stockings for me, Panda, Natalka and Max

IMG_0868 JRoc for Jordan

IMG_0869 Dutch for Natalka

IMG_0870 Herm for Max

IMG_0851 And so Christmas morning pictures commence! I got a crochet hook holder thingy made by Steph!! And mom stitched “hooker” into it. I love my family

IMG_0852 I thought it was store bought ’til I looked closer and noticed the janky spacing lol. Handmade with love by my sister!

IMG_0856 Biggest surprise of Christmas! Mom & Dad got me apple TV!! And perfect timing because I bought myself a Macbook on Christmas eve!

IMG_0855 Can opener and new measuring cups from Steph!!

IMG_0854 I’m always the one who eats all the after eights at home so mom got me 3 boxes!! yay!

IMG_0853 Mom & Dad bought me a lamp with a spotlight for crocheting! Woohoo!

IMG_0857 A poison coaster. Courtesy of some convention my dad went to, they sent me all the free stuff they got there haha

IMG_0858 Zebra print bath mat!! Wouldn’t be a Laura Christmas without something Zebra!

IMG_0875 Coach polar bear key fob from momma! She knows me well!

IMG_0877 Apple gift card and a westie notepad! Stocking stuffers from Santa

IMG_0878 Nail polish and files from Gypo 🙂

IMG_0874 Panda knows me too! Wine wine wine!

IMG_0873 Panda gets a sweater from momo 🙂

IMG_0879 and a scarf from britt … then he did a bit of a fashion show


IMG_0883 rawr!

IMG_0885 “ouu I’m chilly!”

IMG_0872 used my measuring cups Christmas morning to make tea buns 🙂


IMG_0887 Neko supervising the cooking all day long

IMG_0888 Newfie dressing awwww yeah!!!

IMG_0890 Buttering up that bird! We named him Richard

IMG_0893 Richard, covered in bacon

IMG_0898 Max came over to the surprise of a stocking! … filled with chocolate and tea biscuits … “biscuit” is another one of his nicknames 🙂

IMG_0899 Big happy family for dinner!

IMG_0900 The boys in their aprons

IMG_0902 Look at that bird!! yum!

IMG_0904 These are MY boys!

IMG_0907 So cute

IMG_0908 Jill!

IMG_0909 Food all ready to be devoured!

IMG_0910 Everyone enjoying their meals

IMG_0914 After dinner we did a gift exchange thing. We had a $30 limit, gender neutral gift thingy.

IMG_0915 I pulled a 10, which means I went last. I could pick a new gift OR steal someones!

IMG_0916 Panda went first and opened a box full of booze!!

IMG_0921 Grant gets Lindor chocolates!

IMG_0923 Jill opened a big Baileys!

IMG_0927 Natalka got coffee, swim passes and a squash ball!

IMG_0929 Oh look, another picture without Max’s eyes =P

IMG_0931 There we go! Max opened ferrero Rocher and a small bottle of baileys

IMG_0934 Peter got a book!

IMG_0936 Weronika stole Jill’s bottle of baileys lol

IMG_0937 someone stole Grants chocolates so he picked a new gift, a little bottle of baileys, a chocolate bar and $15 to the cafe in town!

IMG_0940 someone stole max’s chocolate and baileys so he picked a new one… very girly lotion.. Panda couldn’t contain himself.


So that’s it for my Christmas ! So many pictures lol Hope you enjoyed them!!

Hugs & Kisses from afar!