Inuvik Sunrise Festival 2014

Every January there’s a full weekend of activities to celebrate the return of the sun! The sun poked its head over the horizon for just a few minutes for the first time on January 5th. So the festival is hosted the weekend following the first sunrise. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon there’s always something going on! On Friday evening there was a performance by the Inuvik Drummers & Dancers, I’ve seen them quite a few times and I still find them so entertaining! I’ll try and upload some videos to YouTube and attach the links here. This afternoon there was a snowmobile parade, snow carvers and activities for kids in Jim Koe Park right in the middle of town. I took a few pictures before my lululemon-clad legs got too cold. I’ll definitely be wearing layers upon layers for the fireworks and bonfire tonight! Stay tuned!

IMG_0993 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0996 IMG_0999 IMG_1002 IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_1008 IMG_1011 IMG_1014 IMG_1016 IMG_1018 IMG_1019 IMG_1023 IMG_1025 IMG_1027 IMG_1034 IMG_1030 IMG_1039

IMG_1049 IMG_1052 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1056 IMG_1057 IMG_1062 IMG_1063 IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1070 IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1082 IMG_1079 IMG_1077 IMG_1076 IMG_1075 IMG_1074


Stay tuned for more Sunrise Festival Fun!!

Hugs & Kisses from afar




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