Northern Lights January 20th 2014

The only upside to 1:00am medevacs is that if the northern lights are out, that’s the time they’re the brightest/most active. So last night I had a medevac around 1:00 and the lights were amazing. They’re usually the best between midnight and 2am. So unfortunately I just caught the tail end of them when they were winding down. But I got a few good shots! … still figuring out my camera, and the autofocus is broken as all hell so some are kind of blurry. Gotta take my camera in next time I’m down south and get’r fixed!


IMG_1174 IMG_1175   IMG_1176 moon with a tiny hint of northern lights around it, it’s super rare to see both at the same time since the light of the moon usually cancels out the lights.

IMG_1177  oops I shook the tripod… nevermind the town lights lol

IMG_1179 space.IMG_1180 IMG_1181  northern lights & the jamboIMG_1182 stupid non-focusing camera! also, hell yeah I’m on the ice road


Hugs & Kisses from afar!




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