Groceries February 7th 2014

I hate grocery shopping up here, because it means as soon as I’m done shopping, I’m poor. Dang arctic groceries. So I did the usual Stanton and NorthMart run and spent $225.97 ouch.



Peanut butter: $10.89

Parmesan: $5.89

toilet paper: 2 @ $6.99 each (50% off)

fresh raspberries: 2 @ $4.89 each

celery: $1.75

asparagus: $6.17

Veggie stix: $7.35

6 eggs: $3.29

cream cheese: $3.89 (on sale)

mozzarella block: $14.99

chocolate almond milk: $3.39



IMG_1249  bought so much at stanton that I needed a box lol oy.

IMG_1250 here’s what I got!


baby spinach: $3.29 (50% off)

pistachios 225g: $5.99

3 bell peppers: $4.59

sugar snap peas 227g: $1.89 (on sale)

4 granny smiths: $5.09

chocolate chips 1kg: $13.69

grapefruit: $4.39

spaghetti squash: $5.13

cucumber: $2.79

almonds: $4.29

wheat thins: $3.99

baking soda 1kg: $4.39

goat cheese (I HAAAAAD TO BUY THIS, I miss goat cheese SO MUCH!) 113g: $3.69

asian mix frozen veggies 1kg: $5.99

canned chickpeas: $3.19

2 cans beef broth: $2.69 each

balsamic vinegar: $5.59

2 cans chicken broth: $2.69 each

grapefruit juice 1L: $3.49

Polski Orgorki pickles: $8.99

honey 500g: $6.89

avocado: $1.49

frozen brussels sprout 1kg: $5.99

frozen strawberries 2.72kg: $18.29

frozen broccoli 1kg: $5.99


ouch. my wallet. but hopefully this haul should last me a couple weeks! hence all the frozen goods haha

holy groceries batman.


Hugs & Kisses from afar!




2 thoughts on “Groceries February 7th 2014

  1. I remember being in Fort Simpson once, at the beginning of winter, just just before they can start the ice road and that the ferry had been out of use for more than a month, the grocery fridges and fruits/veggies/dairy products alleys were almost ripped off of all the foods that usually belong there. For the last 4 red peppers, it was 18.19$/kg. And they were in rough shape. Everything was insanely pricey, worst, at that point that what I saw in Inuvik (which was the worst I had seen in the territories before then).

    I used to live in Hay River, but I decided to go back to university to complete a degree at McGill in Montreal. Back then, the thing I missed the most about the South was the food/groceries. Now, the thing I miss the most about the North is everything, except the groceries (but even the food I miss it, because the meat, bannock and stew are hardly the same here).

    Hang on there 🙂 You’re lucky! Can’t wait to go back!

    Thanks for sharing that blog, I might follow once in a while if you don’t mind?

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