Hawaii Day One: sunrise on Haleakala, whaler’s village, Maui Brewing Co.

On our first morning in Maui we got up at 3:00am, piled into the minivan (felt like the 90’s) and made the 2ish hour drive in the darkness up the side of the Haleakala volcano on a very winding road with TONS of other cars. We got to the top where the national park is located with a big parking lot, gift shop/information centre and a nice big railing to keep people from falling down the side of the volcano. The weather up at 10,000 feet is significantly colder and MUCH windier! But the view was well worth it! Most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever watched! No problem getting up at 3:00am to do that if I get the chance again!

IMG_1221 IMG_1223 IMG_1224  my brother and I like to climb where we aren’t supposed to 😀

IMG_1227 IMG_1228  Mommy, Markie and I climbed to the 10,000 foot peak!! Very tough on the lungs! But we adjusted relatively quickly.

IMG_1231 IMG_1237  Fatal is my middle name.

IMG_1240  That’s the shadow of the volcano against the clouds!

IMG_1244  Hello Mr. Sun

IMG_1245  So high up there was frost!

IMG_1251  Mark and I climbed past the signs and sat right on the edge.

IMG_1252  So windy I could barely keep my eyes open without my sunglasses on.

IMG_1254  Hey brosif

IMG_1257  Frost in Hawaii!IMG_1260  Mark and I chose to run up… didn’t last long !

IMG_1265 IMG_1279  After the sunrise we went to Krispy Kreme!Yum Yum all my hard work on my maui body went down the drain!

IMG_1280  But I was good and only had ONE (see Karina?? I was good on vacation!)

IMG_1291  An island FULL of my favourite flowers in the universe?? Yes please!! Plumerias!!

IMG_3861  The famjam up at 10,000 feet

IMG_3868  Sunrise pictures from daddio’s SLR

IMG_3880 IMG_3883 IMG_3887 IMG_3890  right up at the peak! We tend to go off trail

IMG_3891  We also don’t obey signs and warnings

IMG_3896 IMG_3899  The medical professionals of the family being valiant.

IMG_3909  spikey cactus bush thingy!IMG_3911  was actually very soft to touch!

IMG_3918  Momma & Her babiesIMG_3925 IMG_3931  We had champagne and orange juice up at the top

IMG_3934  and fresh Maui pineapple, it tastes totally different from pineapple in canada

IMG_3938 IMG_3940 IMG_3943   After lunch at the Whaler’s Village mall we went to a little kiosk called “The Pearl Factory” that my mom went to the first time she came to Maui in 2002. You pick an oyster out of a little bowl full of oysters and they open it up and find the pearl and then you pick the piece of jewelry you want to put it on they have hundreds of settings. I really wanted to get myself a pearl since I loved my mom’s so much. So the girl working there said pick the ugliest and hairy oyster in the bowl so I did just that! She cracked that sucker open and squished its guts around and out popped a pretty white/cream pearl! Yipee! as she was squishing the guts to chuck the oyster away out popped a second identical pearl!! Super rare are lucky! So I ended up getting 2 pearls for the price of one! Hoorah! I was pretty excited since I didn’t really have a plan for one pearl since the necklace I wear already has 3 charms on it. Tada! Pearl earrings!!IMG_3944   my pretty little pearls!IMG_3946  Mommy picking a 30th anniversary pearl setting

IMG_3948  the little kiosk

IMG_3975  Maui sunsets were SPECTACULAR, best I’ve ever seen!

IMG_3980 IMG_3984 IMG_3987 IMG_3990  That night we went for dinner at an awesome Brew Pub, DELICIOUS food and beer! So good we went there for one of our last suppers!

IMG_3992The famjam at the pub


There’s day one of Hawaii 2014! Hope you enjoyed it. MANY more photos to come!!


Hugs & Kisses from afar




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