Day Four: Deep sea fishing, Snorkelling Outside the Westin

Ever since forever I’ve had “go deep sea fishing with my dad” on my bucket list and what better place to do it than Hawaii?! So before we even got to the island my sister did a bunch of research and booked us a 4 hour private fishing tour! We woke up at 5:30am (lots of early starts on this vacation) and went to the Lahaina Harbour to start our trip! We met our Captain and whatever the boat equivalent of a first officer is… first mate? I don’t know boats, I know airplanes. They went over the rules i.e. no bananas on board (bad luck) and if you’re gonna puke do it over the side of the boat, those kinds of things. We piled in and started our journey! It was every bit as fun as I was expecting! They dropped a couple lines in the water to try and catch some live bait, there’s no way of predicting how many you’ll catch it’s very hit-or-miss. We ended up getting 3 decent size mackerel, we were the only boat of the day to catch any live bait (and any fish, but more on that later). once we were out to the deep stuff we put 4 lines in the water 2 with live bait and 2 with frozen mackerel. There was lots of downtime just trolling around waiting for bites so I got some awesome tanning in (woohoo!!). The lines have bells on them so when they get a bite you’re well aware of it. About an hour and a half in one of the bells went off and the first mate, Johnny grabbed me and said here we go girl! (I’m pretty sure they forgot my name since they called me “girl” for the whole trip, but who cares, I’ll respond to basically anything) I grabbed the belt thing that the rod hooks into and I started reeling that sum’bitch in! … a good few minutes of hard arm work and the little SOB got away!! oh man did I ever want a fish after that! so we checked the bait… amazingly still alive and wiggling on the hook and we recast the line and went back to tanning and chatting about my super interesting northern life. Another hour and half-ish later the bell went off again and it was time to work! When the fish went for the bait she jumped right out of the water and everyone got a good look a the size of her and again I put on the belt and start reeling it in. A good probably 5 or 6 minutes of solid reeling and the fish was finally at the side of the boat. Johnny hooked her through the gut and brought her aboard, she flopped around getting everyone in a 3 foot radius mighty bloody and then they put here in a bag to sleeeeeeep (die). once she settled down (died) and Johnny cleaned all the blood and guts off the boat we took her out of the bag and I got my picture with her! Then the captain filleted her right there and gave us all the meat in a couple ziplocs. Yum yum yum we had Mahi Mahi for the next 3 days… I’m not a HUGE fish eater but dang when it’s that fresh (and you’re the one who caught it) you can’t really say no… and damn was she tasty! Fish tacos and BBQ fillets for days! On our way back into the harbour Johnny put a little yellow flag up on the outrigger which let the other boats know what we had caught (different flag, different fish) and none of the other boats caught anything in those 4 hours! MY beautiful 25lbs Mahi Mahi was the only catch of the day, GO ME! So here’s the pictures from the trip!

IMG_4183  6:00am at the Lahaina harbour, the man in the white shirt was our captain

IMG_4184  checking out the map

IMG_4185 got to watch the sunrise from out on the sea, very pretty

IMG_4186  one hell of a lure

IMG_4187  First mate (left) and captain (right) trying to get some live bait

IMG_4188  lots of time to relax

IMG_4189 IMG_4190  here we go!!

IMG_4192  yay!! I got it!IMG_4193 IMG_4195 IMG_4199 IMG_4202  Last picture with my catch before she got chopped up

IMG_4203 IMG_4205  yum yum yum!!

IMG_4206 IMG_4208 IMG_4209  our flag to signify what we caught, only boat with a flag at the end of the day

IMG_4211  The famous banyans tree, apparently it’s something like 140 years old… the branches grow out then down to the ground and root there. It’s at least 5 degrees cooler underneath the tree, really cool.

IMG_4214  Stooph made amazing guacamole with our huge Hana avocado

IMG_4215  Markie cooked for everyone! IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1351  freshest fish I think ANY of us had ever eaten… caught less than 3 hours before!

IMG_1352  fish tacoooooos

IMG_1353  and some liquid aloha!

IMG_1357  and another beauty sunset


Since we started our day so early we packed a lot of activities into it. SO MANY ACTIVITIES. We each rented snorkel gear on our first days there and used them almost every day. The snorkelling just outside our hotel was really great and that’s where the following pictures are from, but the BEST snorkelling EVER was just outside our parents hotel just down the beach at a spot called Black Rock, there will be plenty of pictures from there in another post. I got a wicked waterproof camera just before the trip and it took AMAZING pictures but under and above water. So here’s a ton of pictures from snorkelling.. enjoy!


DSCF2833  mark twerkin’ in the horse maskDSCF2838  Hawaii’s state fish! The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (there ya go Hugh!!)

DSCF2842 DSCF2846  awesome coral reefDSCF2853  yellow!DSCF2859 DSCF2860 DSCF2865 DSCF2870  Markus just chillin’

DSCF2871 DSCF2875  we look really pumped but we’re just trying to get lower in the water haha

DSCF2878 DSCF2880 DSCF2885 DSCF2888   Markie swimming through a little trench

DSCF2889 DSCF2892  big urchin !DSCF2904  The yellow “bubbles” guy from Finding Nemo

DSCF2908 DSCF2915  I tried to fight a sign one day (kidding, I just straight up walked into it) and it bled through my rash guard, ouch.

S0232945  This is the point called black rock very popular cliff diving place so we obviously had to jump off the two most right people are me and mark (my brother’s wife took the pictures)

S0252954 … and she saw some Angel fish!

S0292977 DSCF2983  there I go! about a 30′ dropDSCF2984  weeeee!! DSCF2989 DSCF2992 DSCF3001  Mark in front of the coral at Black rock

DSCF3013  sea turtle!!!

DSCF3015  the most awesome massive creature, moves through the water effortlessly

DSCF3023 DSCF3032 DSCF3037  and then we saw a sting ray!!

DSCF3038 DSCF3047 Mark and I went for a very long swim around black rock instead of walking back to our resort and we saw another 2 sea turtles and another sting ray! Mark snapped this picture of two at once!


Hugs & Kisses from afar



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