Mackenzie River Ice Breakup

In the spring the ice road reverts to its normal state of riverdom and the ice cracks into huge chunks and they float through town. Since it’s still been stupidly cold the river isn’t flowing much yet but there’s still some big impressive chunks on the shore. Some friends and I took a quick zip out to take some pictures, and of course Karina and  wandered out onto the ice where it was still thick and goofed around. P.S. These pictures were taken at like 10:30pm.

IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825  Peter & Matt staying safe on shoreIMG_1826  about to crack between my feet

IMG_1833  of course I did a handstand, painfully cold on the hands though!

IMG_1835  and cartwheels

IMG_1839 IMG_1842 IMG_1849 IMG_1853


I’ll venture out again when there’s more little icebergs floating around and get some more pictures.


Hugs & Kisses from afar



Day Eight: Snorkelling at the Westin, Ocean Pool Bar, DT Flemming

Our last chance to snorkel at our hotel! We left at 8:30pm so we had to whole day to get in our final activities! We ate lunch at the pool bar, very yummy and YET AGAIN fun at DT Flemming before we had to return out boogie boards!

DSCF3410  another turtle! a younger one this time

DSCF3412 DSCF3415 DSCF3418 DSCF3420 DSCF3423 DSCF3426 DSCF3428 DSCF3431  going up for air!DSCF3436 DSCF3440 DSCF3442 DSCF3443 DSCF3445 DSCF3450 DSCF3451 DSCF3453 DSCF3459 DSCF3461 DSCF3465 DSCF3471 DSCF3474 DSCF3477 DSCF3479 DSCF3493


Hugs & Kisses from afar



Day Six: Snorkelling at Honolua Bay, More DT Flemming

A nice relaxing day of snorkelling and boogie boarding! And then another dinner at the Maui Brewing Company, yum yum!

DSCF3217  who the hell knows whats happening here

DSCF3219  apparently the koi thought it was feeding time

DSCF3224  a “cool” tree in the jungle on the way to honolua bayDSCF3226  Chickens… EVERYWHERE and this one had babies with it

DSCF3231  look at all the wild chickens!

DSCF3242  Coral and Honolua Bay, wasn’t the best day for snorkelling here since it had been raining, makes the water kind of murky but oh well it was still fun!!

DSCF3247  each of those black dots is an urchin

DSCF3249  When mark was floating here this black fish was ANGRY, circling us and charging at us and stuff… we’re pretty sure we were near it’s nest

DSCF3251  that angry black fish right there!

DSCF3254 DSCF3255 DSCF3257 DSCF3263  found a loop/anchor to swim through!

DSCF3264  snorkels make everyone look good!

DSCF3269 DSCF3289 DSCF3290 DSCF3292 DSCF3296 DSCF3308 DSCF3310 DSCF3312 DSCF3315 DSCF3320  we found a dog to play with!

S0043329 IMG_1383 our alcohol consumption so far


Hugs & Kisses from afar



Day Five: Iao Needle, Maui Tropical Plantation, D.T. Flemming again

Day five is the day our parents left so we did some touring just us kids. The first day we got to sleep in! … and we only really slept until about 8:30. So before lunch we went to the Iao Valley Park and saw the Iao needle, a big mossy projection that’s become a tourist attraction… pretty cool looking and the state park is quite pretty! Then we went to the Maui Tropical Plantation where they grow tons of fruit and herbs! We got on a little train that toured around the whole plantation, took about 30 minutes and taught us a lot about the fruits grown on Maui, educational and fun!! After the plantation we went to the little town of Paia and had lunch at the flatbread company, we had found it online before we got to Maui and HAD to try it, so yummy and great service! If you’re ever in Maui make the short drive to Paia and go to the Flatbread Company. We finished up our day with some body surfing and boogie boarding at DT fleming… again!

DSCF3057 DSCF3059 oh look, a warning sign, better do the opposite of what it says

DSCF3063 DSCF3068 DSCF3072 DSCF3076 DSCF3079 DSCF3094  the start of the maui tropical plantation tourDSCF3096 DSCF3097 DSCF3100 DSCF3106  my favourite flowers!

DSCF3107  mango treesDSCF3109  pineapplesDSCF3113  bananasDSCF3117  another mango treeDSCF3122  the claw used to pick up/harvest sugar cane

DSCF3123  birds of paradise flowersDSCF3124  barely open onesDSCF3125  not open at allDSCF3127  tiniest cauliflowerDSCF3128 DSCF3129  amaaaazing chocolate bar!DSCF3131  the globemaster! DSCF3132  each of the menus at the Flatbread Company is unique and drawn by kids!

DSCF3133  yum yum yum

DSCF3134  buncha cheeses

DSCF3141  Paul & StephDSCF3148 DSCF3155 DSCF3159 DSCF3167 DSCF3174  he was a very happy boyDSCF3184 DSCF3209 Hawaii’s rainbow on their license plate is definitely accurate, we saw a rainbow every day!!


Hugs & Kisses from afar