About Me

Ahoy hoy,

I’ve decided to create a blog to keep family and friends updated on what’s going on with my life up North. So incase you just happened to stumble across my blog, here’s the run down on me!

It all started 21 years ago in Whitby Ontario, BAM, Laura’s born. The world became awesome. I grew up watching ER and surgical documentaries (I don’t know how many 2 year olds watch open heart surgeries with true interest) on TV with my mom, who was a paediatric ICU nurse, so I’ve always been into the medical thing. In grade 12, I decided I wanted to be a paramedic. Right out of high school I started my path to becoming a PCP (Primary Care Paramedic), it had a few bumps along the way but here I am at 21, graduated and on my way to my first medic job in Inuvik, NWT, 4111km away from my home, Ottawa Ontario.

This blog will contain posts from my last few days in Ottawa to my last few days in Inuvik, one year from now. I’ll be blogging about pretty much everything while I’m there, the move up, my apartment, grocery bills (oy!!), and of course, stuff about work.

Well that’s all I can think of right now, but maybe I’ll update this in a little.

Hugs & Kisses from afar!


epic jacket.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. your instructions for the waffle blanket are excellent started yesterday and 1/2 done a blanket. Can you learn how(if you dont know) to do cable crochet and do a tutorial. 🙂 Kate

    • Hi Kate, I’m not familiar with cable crochet at all but can familiarize myself with it and try a tutorial, though it may take a while since my job is very busy during the summer I don’t have a lot of down time. Might be able to get to it in the Fall. I will try though!

  2. I came across you because I was trying to remember how to do the waffle stitch. I am a 41 one year father of two who learned to crochet from a fabulous grandmother. I made a waffle stitch blanket, for my now 3 year old daughter, a couple years ago. Thanks for the inspirational story I learned about a young lady following her dreams no matter where they may take her. I will be telling your story to my 3 year old. Keep following that dream.

  3. I just had to touch base with someone that knows about ‘stink eye’ . LOL! I live in Sun City, Arizona now, but, I grew up in Detroit. You are a little younger than I expected. I am 70 years young. I have an Auntie and cousin that live in Ottawa… last name Conto or could be spelled Conte. The rest of that side of the family live in North Bay, Ontario. I used to watch my step grandmother crochet. She could almost do it with her eyes closed.

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